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Posted on June 15, 2011 / by Julia


graphics packaging

The Italian designer Mattia Castiglioni has a lot of interesting stuff in his (or maybe its hers) portfolio. One of the projects I really like is the wine label, Ego. The graphic profile made for this wine is not only a fun use of naming, but it has incorporated the playfulness in all aspect – the abstract fonts, the reflecting mirror, the compositions of the label and the strong colors. I hope the taste of this wine is as big as its ego…



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Posted on May 11, 2011 / by Julia

HIFI Typography

graphics illustration

I have written about the crazy work of the Norwegian design agency Oh yeay studio, and now they have blown me away again. For HI-FI klubben, the biggest chain in Scandinavian with high quality sound- and image products like stereos, TV, loud speakers etc, they’ve created this hand-drawn typography. Love the details and the playful, edgy stile.
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/ by Julia

Halvor Bodin

graphics illustration

You all know I love and live for design. But next to design, film and movies is my biggest passion. And when the two of the combine – I get completely over exited. In 2009 I snook around the city of Oslo, trying to steel a perfect sample of the poster to the international filmfestival made by Halvor Bodin. I simply love his style! Last week it was time for the Visuelt award in Norway and Bodin won- this time for the poster for the 2010 edition of international filmfestival. Here you can see both the amazing posters, and I am already exited about this years design and festival! Read more…

Posted on March 23, 2011 / by Julia

Congratulation to Fuglen!

concept furnitures graphics interior

From Designers Day 2011:

One of the categories I was most exited about for the award of design excellency, was this years newcomer category: Services. I was happy to see that a small and charming coffee shop named Fuglen was one of the first two receivers of the award in this category. Fuglen is a coffee shop during the day, a cocktail bar at night and a full-time interior design store selling furniture and design objects from the 50s and 60s. In their retro-inspired design profile made by Rockberry, they’ve managed to integrate modern elements and technology such as Qr-codes. The design profile and the retro-feeling is implemented in all aspects – the interior, the website, the shop and the coffee bar. If your ever in Oslo, Fuglen is a place to visit!


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Posted on March 22, 2011 / by Julia


concept graphics interior

Finally spring has started to arrive even i Norway, and I feel in desperate need of a colors. Pino is a fresh and colorful store from Finland, that really brought some color to my day! Pino sells unique, functional and innovative design objects and the idea for the concept came from the name of the shop, which means a ‘pile’ or ‘stack’ in Finnish. I love how the design and concept has been developed in both printed materials and interior by Bond Creative Agency, which gives it a playful, though trough and unique look. Take you Tine for the tip! More pictures after the jump….

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