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Posted on October 21, 2011 / by Julia


furnitures lighting

I recently moved into a new apartment and one of the thing constantly on my mind these days is finding perfect furnitures and lamps to get the style I want. I realize I have become quite picky – I want something fun, edgy and aesthetic as the same time as its functionality should be at its best. The lamp collection «Balloons» from Paris based designers Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova is just that.


The series of elegant, handmade blown glass lamps are based on an idea of transparent ‘invisible’ volume with a floating reflector. Not only are these lamp stunning, but I have to say the stylist for this photos has done quite a good job, picking wood «tables» as the perfect contrast between a light and clean lines of glass, and the solid, natural and heavy shapes of wood. I haven’t figured out how or where to buy these yet, but I hope someone will start selling these in Norway…. More pictures after the jump!

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Posted on October 12, 2011 / by Julia

Mind the gap


I like people who sees the world in a different way, an Ida Noemi apparently sees it upside down. She has created Mind the Gap, an entrance furniture which demand little space and fit perfectly in an entrance. The boxes respond to different actions in the entrance, and make a composition of visible and hidden spaces. Resembling cityscapes, they bring to mind another miniature world, looking at life upside down, marking a shift in attention. In addition to the entrance furniture Noemi has also made a stool,  both beautiful examples of elegant and playful scandinavian design. To read more about the concept behind the pieces please visit and also check out the pictures after the jump…


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Posted on September 17, 2011 / by Julia

Sarah Wright Polmar

furnitures product

A couple of weeks ago it was Designers Saturday here in Oslo and one of the new designers I noticed was Sarah Wright Polmar. The first thing I noticed was her cute boxes made out of Formica (or Respatex as we call it in Norway) – a material that is old fashion and retro and reminds me of when I was a child. The boxes are pretty and practical, and Sarah has also made a matching table witch I really like. More pictures of the boxes and table after the jump. More about Sarah’s work in the next post as well…



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Posted on July 3, 2011 / by Julia

Curt | deck chair

furnitures product

The expression less is more is not just a cliché – but in fact quite a good rule when it comes to design. When a great idea is executed in a simple and functional way, you get a perfect product in my opinion. The deck chair by BERNHARD | BURKARD is a good example the simplicity of a product. It looks elegant and comfortable and with the support of the environment – a wall – it becomes a relaxing seat. Its easy to transport and the anti-slip coated stand provides safe grip on every surface.


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Posted on June 27, 2011 / by Julia

Hot carpets from Hay

furnitures interior

During Salone del mobile this year there was one interior trend that clearly stood out – carpets! For this autumn carpets are the hottest element in your interior, and its all about texture, comfort and decoration. You can play with patterns, different colours and even have several carpets lying on top of each other. HAY has really taken this trend seriously and introduces some really nice, and colourful carpets from Scholten & Baijings in their collection, as well as their own vintage Boucherouites. Suddenly I cant wait for the autumn to arrive – take a look at more pictures after the jump.

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