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Posted on March 1, 2012 / by Julia


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During the last weekend I participated in the Global Service Jam in Oslo. This time we had to create a service design based around the topic of hidden secrets. The first day of the jam we had a big brainstorming about the topic and it was interesting to see how people gave different meanings to secrets – everything from objects to personalities and skills. My team ended up creating a sort of old fashioned treasure hunt, just in a modern, secret society way.


The idea was to make a game which helped people discover our city in a new and fun way by creating a treasure hunt that sends you to discover different new places. In order to participate in the game you have to contribute, and after having finished one level, you yourself have to share your favorite (and secret) places from your city. These places can then become tasks for someone else. In this way the game can grow on its own, making it even more surprising, personal and exiting. After having completed 10 levels in your own city you are allowed to continue the game in an other Hidden city in the world.


Just like last time at the Global Sustainability Jam, it was extremely intense, hard work and so much fun at the same time. Even though I was completely exhausted after the weekend I am already exited for the next Jam. A big thanks to my group: Åste Laberg, Susann Johansen, Christian von Hanno, Kristian Bjørnshaug, Naima Zakaria and Maciej Warchal. Also Brock LeMieux and Ingvild Sundby for organizing the jams – you are the best!


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Posted on January 7, 2012 / by Julia

The Magic Box

concept events


Its been a little while since I actually showed some of my own work here, but since I finally have had the time to update my portfolio, I want to show you one fun project I did in October.


Innovation Award for Universal Design“, is an award given by the Norwegian Design Council to projects within universal design and increased accessibility. In collaboration with Nina Lysbakken I helped design the concept for the award ceremony.


We wanted to create something narrative, multi-sensorial  and dramatic. Since the logo for the award is a box , we wanted to play on the mystical and magical part of the it – like “Pandora’s box”. We ended up building a small box with a lamp inside. It was opened as the final winner was announced, and by the help of reflecting elements inside as well as in the room, smoke and sound effects (by Medvind Productions) the box light the room. Thanks to Racecar, animations “flew” out of the box and on to the screen, making it look like digital confetti.


I love working conceptual like this, and I had the best time collaborating with Nina!

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Posted on January 5, 2012 / by Julia

Global Service Jam

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Not too long ago I wrote about my participation in the Global Sustainability Jam here in Oslo, and now it is time for a new weekend of workshops. This time it’s a global service jam, and people all over the world will meet up on the 24th of February to solve problems by service design. In 48 hours we develop something inspired by a secret theme, and at the end of the weekend you will have a great result, a lack of sleep, a lot of new friends and a much bigger network.


The Global Service Jam is in cities all over the world, so check out to find you closest location. If you happen to live in Oslo and want to join me in the Jam – please sign up here!


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Posted on October 31, 2011 / by Julia


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For those of you who follows PlayMeDesign on facebook or twitter – you probably seen me writing about participating in Global Sustainability Jam this weekend. Not only did I have a lot of fun, collaborating with a group of amazing people – but we managed to create something I am really proud of.


We wanted to create a service that rewarded the walkers, and encouraged them to choose walking over car or taxi also by night. Walking in the dark, especially in places like a dark ally or a park, (we have called these places blind spots) might feel unsafe and uncomfortable. We designed a service called PopSpots; by the use of your cell phone you can activated your surroundings and make it fun, playful and safe to walk at night.


Press read more to learn more about our idea, and to see the entire presentation.


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Posted on October 27, 2011 / by Julia

Maria & José

animation events


«Maria & José» is a love story a bit different form the rest. José is lives on the body of Maria, he protect her from diseases, he does all the maintenance in her body and sits in her ear and whisper to her and play cello while she sleeps. José loves Maria. Maria does not know who she loves, but the story about their relationship is capturing and romantic.


The story, written by Erlend Loe and Kim Hiortøy, has been turned it a stunning theater play where animation, scenography, sound, light and acting all come together on the stage. Its a beautiful visual experience that I strongly recommend to both children and adults.  See video and images after the jump and be sure to see the play this weekend on Litteraturhuset in Oslo on Saturday. Read more about the play here.  

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