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Posted on October 22, 2011 / by Julia

Carne Griffith

art illustration

I never had the chance to hold one of Carne Griffiths’ artwork in my hands, but since he uses calligraphy ink, graphite and liquids such as tea, brandy, vodka and whisky to draw with, I can imagine that the aroma and the feel of the paper is making his drawings even more stunning. Carne’s images explore both human and floral forms, figuratively and in an abstract sense. What really makes me intrigued to his drawings, is the wild and «messy» lines, which make the pretty motives stand out as expressive and edgy. After the jump you will see his series of portraits made in Ink and Tea. What to see more of Griffiths’ work? The check out his Behance profile or his website.

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Posted on July 4, 2011 / by Erlend

Powerful paintings by Jeremiah Goodman

art illustration interior


I read about Jeremiah Goodman in the last issue of Frame and immediately became a fan.


Jeremiah Goodman was born in 1922 in New York and started studying arts at the age of 16. He is one of a kind artist who specialized in painting interiors. He has painted the homes of famous people like Ronald Reagan, Richard Rogers, Carolina Herrera and Yves Saint Laurent.


Jeremiah has the ability to communicate the feeling of the interior. When he painted Richard Rogers room he expressed: “Jeremiah, your painting of our living room is as I imagine it….”


I love his talent to use light and strong colors to emphasize the feeling of the room. No one makes paintings like this anymore. We are using computers to simulate reality. The results are sterile and anonymous, and there are no emotions in the pictures.


Jeremiah Goodman is 89 years now and still working in his home/office in NYC. And he is still passionate about his work.


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Posted on February 3, 2011 / by Julia

Clinto De Menezes


What a great and unexpected way to decorate a wall!
What seems as small dots on a long distance is actually a group of people. Well, not real people but miniature model figures, walking over the wall as if it was a desert.  Contemporary artist Clinto De Menezes has made these installations called Procession, witch you can see at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Read more…

Posted on January 3, 2011 / by Julia

A sparkling new year!

art blablabla

Happy new year everyone!

I’ve had a nice vacation, even though I ended up working most of it, and I hope you all had a good time off.  2010 was a year of new beginnings for Playmedesign, moving away from Carousel and doing things on my own. For 2011 I hope there will be even more things happening and as I have said before: 2011 is going to be a year filled with creativity!

If you have anything you want me to write about please send me an email at: [email protected] Also, if you love to write about design and would like to write for PMD, please contact me!

To illustrate a sparkling new year, here are some close up carbon paintings (really this is NOT photos!!)  called ‘In The Flesh’  by Jonathan Flecther. Read more…

Posted on December 4, 2010 / by Julia

Lucy McRea for Robyn

animation art fashion styling technology

Its not only the music I love about the Swedish artist Robyn, but the cover art of her 3 CDs this year, is also avant-garde and trendsetting. I’ve been dying to find out who the artist behind the three Body Talks albums is, and now I’ve finally got the answer! Australian artist Lucy McRae is a great mind whom I’ve written about before. I am always amazed by her take on the human body, using textures and shapes that are strange, bold and so, so beautiful. She had the art directed on the three album covers as well as the video for Indestructible, and here you can see more pictures and behind the scenes material from  «the making of»!

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