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Posted on May 4, 2011 / by Erlend

Veliero – An icon in reproduction

architecture furnitures product

CASSINA and Franco Albini have used engineering and construction techniques to rebuild the light and iconic shelf – Velerio  The weight of the shelf is distributed to two main parts and a system of wires stabilizes it and keep it straight. Theres is a beautiful airy feeling to this object. It floats on its base plate almost not touching it. The object was drawn for the creators house, but has become an iconic object, and the CASSINAs reproduction of it has made the structure stable enough for all consumers.

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Posted on January 14, 2011 / by Julia


architecture interior

A couple of years ago I wrote my thesis on how to motivate adults to climb in trees… Weird I know, but it bother me that we for some reasons associate certain ways of having fun and playing as to being childish. Well, my point is that I love the feeling of being up in a tree, feeling like you are floating in the air at the same time as you are embraced by a tree. So no surprise; I am a huge fan of the Swedish Treehotel by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter. Here are some amazing pictures of one of the rooms, «the mirrorcube». I love how the architecture reflects the environment perfectly making the hotel seem even more floating…. Read more…

Posted on December 7, 2010 / by Julia

Churches by Dirk Wiedlein

architecture interior

I am not religious, but I have always been amazed and stunned by reliogius architecture. Living in Milan, I would go to the cathedral, Duomo, whenever I felt like I was stuck – to get inspiration and to realize that if people could build a marble cathedral in 14th century, then I could definitely finnish my projects as well. The german photographer Dirk Wiedlein is, just like me, inspired by churches. He has made a photo series of different church, showing the amazing volumes and shapes of the architecture. His pictures are silent, showing the interior and the atmosphere in a perfect balance. More pictures after the jump…

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Posted on September 4, 2009 / by Julia


architecture illustration

img650x367As you might know by now I love it when you can combine design with something fun; and what is more fun than a water park? I work as a trainee for Grid Design in Oslo and one of the projects I’ve been lucky enough to take part in is the new water park-project for Kristiansand Dyrepark. Today it was announced that the water park with the suiting name of ”Vannvittigland” (witch I have no idea how to translate to English… sorry), will open June next year! Here are some illustrations from Grid Design!

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