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Posted on March 21, 2012 / by Julia  

Apartment 204




Before Christmas I (Julia Edin) was working on an interior project for Frelsesarmeen (the norwegian salvation army). The task was to take a small apartment and transform it into a a motivational place for recovering drug addicts and criminals. The apartment was to be used for celebration on holidays, educational classes and a place where they could relax, study or have meetings with counselors.


This was quite a tricky task as I wanted to create a place that gave the users a scenes of value. I often find that in fear of things being stolen or broken, these type of users are  given things that are only practical and not aesthetic or valuable. At the same time these type of users do have a certain «style», and since this was «their space» it could not be to «designed».


The result is a modern and minimalist apartment with black and white as the main colors. It is masculine and rough, but still with a comfortable and soft approach. It plays on geometric shapes, which you can see in the lovely pillows and blanket donated by Funkle. My approach to difficult situations it that humor often helps – so I used humoristic elements to decorate, such as the wallsticker donated by Ola&Kari.


The project was based on a low budget and donations, and help form the users themselves. A big thanks to Therese Økland (project leader from Frelsesarmeen) and Tobias A. Heiberg for photos.


Sofa from IKEA, pillows  and blanket from Funkle (The Golden Bird collection), small table from DesignTorget



Blanket from Funkle ( The Golden Bird collection)




Pillows from Funkle (The Golden Bird collection)



Shelf from IKEA



Carpet, lamps and desk from IKEA. Chairs are bought used.






Wallsticker from Ola & Kari, lamp from Habitat







Kitchen – fun breakfast boards with photomotives from Ola & Kari



Entrance – Dots hangers from Muuto.



Tables and chairs – all bought used. Lamp from Home & Cottage



Rocking chairs form IKEA, small table from DesignTorget, and lamp from Habitat.



Kristin Edin
Commented on March 21st, 2012 8:50 pm

Fint dette Julia!
Hilsen Kristin