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Posted on January 7, 2012 / by Julia  

The Magic Box

concept events


Its been a little while since I actually showed some of my own work here, but since I finally have had the time to update my portfolio, I want to show you one fun project I did in October.


Innovation Award for Universal Design“, is an award given by the Norwegian Design Council to projects within universal design and increased accessibility. In collaboration with Nina Lysbakken I helped design the concept for the award ceremony.


We wanted to create something narrative, multi-sensorial  and dramatic. Since the logo for the award is a box , we wanted to play on the mystical and magical part of the it – like “Pandora’s box”. We ended up building a small box with a lamp inside. It was opened as the final winner was announced, and by the help of reflecting elements inside as well as in the room, smoke and sound effects (by Medvind Productions) the box light the room. Thanks to Racecar, animations “flew” out of the box and on to the screen, making it look like digital confetti.


I love working conceptual like this, and I had the best time collaborating with Nina!