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Posted on October 27, 2011 / by Julia  

Maria & José

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«Maria & José» is a love story a bit different form the rest. José is lives on the body of Maria, he protect her from diseases, he does all the maintenance in her body and sits in her ear and whisper to her and play cello while she sleeps. José loves Maria. Maria does not know who she loves, but the story about their relationship is capturing and romantic.


The story, written by Erlend Loe and Kim Hiortøy, has been turned it a stunning theater play where animation, scenography, sound, light and acting all come together on the stage. Its a beautiful visual experience that I strongly recommend to both children and adults.  See video and images after the jump and be sure to see the play this weekend on Litteraturhuset in Oslo on Saturday. Read more about the play here.  


Idea and script is developed by Johanna Mørck og Tobias Avlund Heiberg
Choreography by Sigrid Edvardsson
Sound design by Erik Hedin
Scenography by Katja Frederiksen
Animations by Kristian Pedersen
Producer:  Tobias Avlund Heiberg