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Posted on April 25, 2011 / by Erlend  

Diesel with Foscarini: Relics from the next future

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Diesel with Foscarini showed off a new collection of lamps and textiles for 2011 at Superstudio piú 2011. The visitors experienced, as Diesel explains, “…a journey as an explorer through home textiles and lighting in the guise of archaeological relics of a time that has not yet been….”. The lamps becomes therefor a part of a paradigm for contemporary living.


Diesel has kept that rough industrial look that the brand represent, and the lamps stand out as individuals. The four new lamps from Diesel are DrumBox, Mysterio, Pipe and Duii. They all represents different parts of a workshop with tough materials and dirty looks.


Top picture: “DrumBox”, inspired by the lights used in a photostudio.


Above: “Mysterio”, insired by the 12 steps of the typical fragmantation of the light spectrum.



Above: “Pipe” floor lamp has soft design and tangible details, but made dirty with a rough color and pattern.



Above: My favorite is “Duii” which the designer has given life. With spear parts from a workshop(head-light of a car etc.), it becomes a unique piece. And that lamp looks to me like a Disney character like WALL-E.