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Posted on December 9, 2010 / by Julia  

Interview with Dallas Clayton

graphics illustration interview

A year and a half ago I received an email from a guy called Dallas Clayton telling me had written a book for his soon about daring to dream big. I found Dallas to be really brave – not only was the subject of the book really an important one, but it was also the first time he did illustrations. His style is weird, fun and really cute, and his illustration makes the book easy to read and hard to forget. The first book «An awesome book» became a huge hit and has sold all over the world. Now he is back with a second book «An awesome book of thanks». Dallas has been kind enough to do a mini interview with me, and to give away a book! So read the interview with Dallas after the jump and see the next post for the give away!

Interview with Dallas Clayton by Julia Edin

You wrote a book to your son about dreaming big and never giving up. Why this subject?
-Because I think it is a pretty amazing subject. Children have such amazing imaginations which we nurture up to a certain point then expect that they will shape up, become realistic, and begin contributing to society in some practical or mundane way. I just want kids to remember that all of the magic of youth, all those powerful fantastic dreams don’t have to stop.

The book ended up changing your life – did you dare too dream that big when you started the book?
- I wrote the book like most things in my life without giving much thought to the ultimate consequences. I think beyond dreaming big, the things we do in life should be about having fun, enjoying the moment, and letting great things evolve from there.

Can you tell us a little about your drawing technique?
- I never drew a book before An Awesome Book so I think it’s safe to say my technique is still developing. I never thought I would be an illustrator, I still consider myself a writer first and foremost but I guess my technique now could be best described as slow and detailed. I don’t know really I’m just trying to draw things the way I see them in my head.

I would describe your drawing style as whimsical, fun and playful – what influences your drawing? -I guess it goes like this : The world around me inspires me in such a way that I have ideas I want to write down and share. Likewise that writing inspires me to draw corresponding pictures, but most of the time they are pictures of things I’ve never drawn before (like candy cane machines, or a dog riding a bike) so then I have to sit down for a while and try to figure out how to make those drawings happen and hope that they look good.

Your wrote your first book, An Awesome book!, to your son, but the second book, An awesome book of thanks!,  seems to be more to your fans. Did the new audience change your way of writing and drawing in any way?
-No, I try to approach things from a thematic place for the first book the theme is “dreams” the second “being thankful” regardless of who is reading the book, at what age, location, social status, I think they will have some sort of relationship to these themes. That’s why I write the way I do – to take large ideas and try to make them small.

What dreams are you dreaming for your self and your awesome world now?
-Touring, giving away books, translating books into other languages, sharing with as many people as possible and having fun!


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