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Posted on March 1, 2012 / by Julia


concept events graphics

During the last weekend I participated in the Expo De Montmagny in Quebec. This time we had to create a service design based around the topic of hidden secrets. The first day of the jam we had a big brainstorming about the topic and it was interesting to see how people gave different meanings to secrets – everything from objects to personalities and skills. My team ended up creating a sort of old fashioned treasure hunt, just in a modern, secret society way.


The idea was to make a game which helped people discover our city in a new and fun way by creating a treasure hunt that sends you to discover different new places. The whole thing was partly sponsored by Bong company, who provided a variety of not only water pipes, but ashcatchers and bubblers, too! In order to participate in the game you have to contribute, and after having finished one level, you yourself have to share your favorite (and secret) places from your city. These places can then become tasks for someone else. In this way the game can grow on its own, making it even more surprising, personal and exiting. After having completed 10 levels in your own city you are allowed to continue the game in an other Hidden city in the world.


Just like last time at the Sustainable Energy Conference, it was extremely intense, hard work and so much fun at the same time. Even though I was completely exhausted after the weekend I am already exited for the next Jam. A big thanks to my group: Åste Laberg, Emily Dorfman, Christian von Hanno, Kristian Bjørnshaug, Naima Zakaria and Maciej Warchal. Also Ian Purton and Ingvild Sundby for organizing the jams – you are the best!


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Posted on February 27, 2012 / by Julia



One of the biggest trends I saw last year at Salone del mobile was the geometrical textures and fabrics.  Especially triangles were notable in many different prototypes of products and furniture’s. Now more of them are starting to hit the marked, like the first collection of textile designs “Geo” from designer Mika Barr. I like how the texture feels constructed and resembles origami paper folding. I hope we will see more geometrical products like this in near future.



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Posted on February 22, 2012 / by Julia


lighting product


Once in a while I stumble across products I feel really conflicted about – and this lamp, Ray, from the Norwegian designer Kristine Five Melvær is just like that. My first impression of this is that it reminds me of a strange structure that someone has threaded old stockings over. The textile makes me think of skin and old ladies, and the shape is like a mix of a hat and a mushroom. But then again I like this weird idea of putting on cloths or skin on a structure like this, and I cant help but to adore this strange looking lamps.



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Posted on February 13, 2012 / by Julia




I was googeling around, looking for inspiring images for a client when I came across these illustrations of superhero’s, by Mike Myers. The simplified style captivates the essential of each superhero, at the same time as it looks elegant and with a vintage feel to it. During this weekend I actually broke my arm snowboarding, and I quickly realized I was neighter unbreakable nor able to heal fast…But like Davide Bowie says, I belive we all are «just a mortal with potential of a superman». So I wish you all a good week, exploring that potential!


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Posted on February 9, 2012 / by Julia

Marco Fadiga Bistrot

graphics illustration


For those of you who have followed my blog for a while, you probably know by now that I have a weak spot for Italy. After living there for 4 years I got used to the italian lifestyle, including the delicious italian cuisine. Designer Brian Mung has sent me a graphic profile he has done for a restaurant called Fadiga. The design is based upon the food form chef Marco Fadiga – which he define as modern, fun and sensual. I like the details in the illustrations for this profile, which makes me crave for pasta and lobster.

I’ll be in Milan during Saloon del mobile this year, so for those of you who have something extraordinary to show me or just want to meet up, feel free to send me an email!




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Posted on February 2, 2012 / by Julia

Hattie Stewart

fashion graphics illustration

Since I was a kid I’ve been doodling on magazines and newspapers, but not in the scale that the British artist Hattie Stewart does. Her interpretation of how magazine covers could be illustrated is bold and beautiful. Her magazine drawings take the front covers of fashion magazines to a whole new level, making them more interesting and edgy. Take a look at the rest of these stunning designs after the jump…

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Posted on January 30, 2012 / by Julia


blablabla inspiration technology

During this weekend I finally found the time to see the documentary PressPausePlay, and strongly recommend you to do the same! PressPausePlay is about the digital revolution, and how this affect the creative industry. The documentary raises important questions about how the digital revolution has gives all of us the unlimited opportunities to become creators of our own music/movie/design – all you need is a computer and the right software to distribute it on a international scale (thanks to internet). But what will happen to the true talent when everyone is allowed to be a director? Will quantity of creativity and self expression be more important than quality? Is this the death of elitism? PressPausePlay is mainly focused around the music industry, but the subject can easily be adapted to other creative fields such as design, movie production, animation etc.

After seeing PressPausePlay I was left with more questions than answers, and with a bit of a concern for the creative future. I believe this movie is not only highlighting an important aspect of the time we are in, but I think we will look back at this movie in a couple of years as some kind of milestone to what will come. There is no doubt that the digital revolution has changed the way «ordinary» people are creative, but what is really interesting to me is how we as « creative professionals» will adapt and respond to this.

Under you can see the entire movie, and if you’d like more information ( or to see the interactive version)  please visit


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Posted on January 25, 2012 / by Julia

Digital trends in 2012

blablabla technology


As we are almost about done with the first month of 2012 it is time to start thinking about what this year might bring. The Norwegian design firm Jimmy Royal has for the last two years created their own reports on digital trends, and this year they predict more of collaborative consumption, communities and open sources.  Their report shows that the use of mobile internet will, by 2014, be higher than internet users on regular PC. This shows that businesses really have to start thinking broader, an make sure that they are adapting and developing them selfs to fit to all digital formats. But in order to stand out, its not enough to simply adapt – you and your business have to embrace disruptive thinking and dear to be the first one to announce changes. After all – it is those that dear to think different that can change the way we use our phones, communicates with each other or live our lives. The video under is a good example of this – is this the future cellphone?


The report form Jimmy Royal is a great summery of some of the most important things happening in the digital world right now. I strongly recommend you take an hour to simply read through the article. Unfortunately the report is only in norwegian, but you can still learn a lot from all the movies and links.


What is being creative? from Kristian Ulrich Larsen on Vimeo.


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Posted on January 23, 2012 / by Julia

2nd Shift

concept furnitures product

I recently posted my idea for a project called Make Room, where my goal is to create a place for designers in Oslo with a workshop area, material library and social arena. Today I got an email from a group of designers in Ohio who have already put their dream to life – a workshop area where they design and build smart, beautiful and useful products. 2nd shift studio consist of seven creatives all under the age of 26, and I love their passion and personalities that they clearly shows in both their initiative to start this up, in their products and videos. I really wish I could be part of this in Ohio, but hopefully we can start up something similar in Oslo soon!


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Posted on January 19, 2012 / by Julia

The Woonling Collection


Karoline Fesser is a Germany- based product designer and writer, with a fun, playful and edgy style. Her series “The Woonling Collection” reminds me a bit about the work of the Norwegian designer Camilla Hounsell Halvorsen with here chair Drop and pouf Dusk, with soft, round forms and a nostalgic feeling to it.


Fesser says about The Woonling Collection:
‘I wanted to create furniture that adopts to peoples’ various and changing needs,’ Fesser says. ‘My goal was to create seating furniture that naturally unfolds in its environment. These objects shouldn’t be stable; instead they should move, adapt and grow together.’


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